Since many member groups of EN-RE also belong to WAC-I (We are Church International) it was decided to hold the 2018 meeting in a shorter format at the same location and date as the WAC-I bi-annual meeting in Rome to reduce costs.

EN-RE’s annual meeting for 2019 will be held separately in Eastern Europe and is planned to last the normal length and include a study day with local participants.

"At the joint meeting with WAC-I, it was decided to carry out 5 joint projects:

- Comment on an announced Vatican declaration on Gender Theory;

- Open our networks to similar organizations in Eastern Europe;

- Investigate the transparency or opacity of Catholic Church diocesan accounts in Europe;

- Wear a red scarf at Pentecost;

- Comment about why we do voluntary work"

A report was read about the current status of Liberation Theology in Latin America.  It will be placed on our website shortly.

There was also a meeting of Global Council Network, originally called Council 50, a joint foundation of EN-RE and WAC-I:

There was a report by the European and Brazilian representatives of the Global Council Network on the preparation status for the international meeting in Aparecida, Brazil to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Medellin Council.  The keynote speakers will be Ivone Gebara and Leonardo Boff and 180 participants are expected:  150 from Brazil and other Latin American countries and 30 from the other continents.

A video link was made with the WAC-I and GCN representative in Pakistan who described the difficult situation for Christians living there.