The Conference of INGO's Recomendation CONF/PLE(2017)REC2 was developed to ensure that industrial companies assist in increasing the welfare of the citizens where they work, complying with the highest international standards of the environmental and human rights of the population.

Unfortunately, the recommendations are often ignored by multinational companies, which is why the EU is introducing directives on the obligation of companies to conduct audited sustainability reporting against climate change targets under the Paris Agreement and due diligence compliance, not only in the supply chain but across the entire business operation, holding directors and executives accountable for human rights violations and policies that circumvent climate change mitigation.

Eleven national member groups of CIDSE, a European Catholic international NGO with member groups in most Western European countries, together with nine other unnamed NGOs have financed the film "The Illusion of Abundance" which describes the struggle of Berta Cáceres and her daughter against the project to privatise a river, sacred to the indigenous people, in Honduras, as well as the efforts of Máxima Acuña to defend her land from the Yanacocha mine in Cajamarca in Peru and the collapse of the Brumadinho tailings dam in Brásil, which killed 272 workers, due to the failure of the company Vale and its German insurer to take precautions, even though they knew that a collapse was imminent.

You can see here the 2 minute trailer of the film and we suggest that you contact the CSR departments of the multinational companies domiciled in your country to show, by means of the trailer, how human rights violations are felt by those affected and the importance of improving the implementation of company policies to prevent violations that could lead to reputational damage and costs for the company, as well as a possible refusal of funds from ethical investors. At the same time, we recommend you work with your local CIDSE delegation.

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